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New Name, New Plan for QueensWest South

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When last we left QueensWest South?the undeveloped chunk of waterfront Long Island City land that went from proposed Olympic Village to proposed middle-income housing complex?the city was backing off the 100% affordable plan, and the Real Estate Board of New York was trying to take the whole operation over. Broker-blogger Andrew Fine attended the NYC Economic Development Corporation's update meeting on the plan last night, and first off, the headline: the whole shebang has been renamed Hunters Point South. Now, to the real nitty-gritty...

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Here's just a portion of Fine's summary of the proposal:

1- Up to 5000 housing units will be built on the 30 acre site with 60% going to middle income residents (defined as a family of 4 with income of $50,000 to $145,000). The units will be primarily rentals run by a non-profit comprised of several developers.
2- Rents would be set at 30% of the renter's income (ex: $50k income=$1250/mo. rent).
3- The site plan calls for 4-7 story low rise buildings along 2nd Street, and Six 28-40 story buildings closer to the water.
4- 10 acres, primarily on the coast and flood plain will be reserved for park space. Additionally, all streets will have continuous tree pits to seamlessly merge towards the park space. Sidewalks on the extension of Center Blvd will be a pedestrian friendly 15' wide.
5- The existing street grid will be extended into the project to preserve site lines and views.
6- A 150,000 sf school will be built to service grades 6-12.
7- Parking for 2000 vehicles will be ground level and "wrapped" by large buildings.
8- The project's cost is estimated at around $300 Million. The cost will include funding of a library that should have already been built and has been promised time and again according to local residents.

Now that's a hot dose of urban planning! But let's talk about density for a moment. Bigger hellmouth in 10 years: the Bedford L or the Vernon-Jackson 7?
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