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Development Du Jour: Aura Condominium

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Location: 330 East 109th Street, East Harlem
Size: Eight floors, 28 one-bedroom condos
Prices: $399,000-$550,000
Architect: Jalbert Architects
Developer: Atria Builders
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran
Lowdown: Sales kicked off at this brick and glass East Harlem building about two weeks ago, and already StreetEasy shows that 15 of the 28 apartments are already in contract. What's the secret of the Aura's success? Is it the designer lobby, state-of-the-art gym, shared rooftop or "Zen-inspired common garden with an al fresco barbeque area and a spa/hot tub" that's driving business? Is it the affordable asking prices and 5% down payments? How about the fact that Harlem is not mentioned anywhere on the website ("uptown living," "a few blocks from Central Park") and Corcoran lists it as the Upper East Side? Now that's how you sell to a foreign buyer!