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CurbedWire Breaking Special AM Edition: One Ten 3rd Getting Frosted

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Were the prying eyes of the East Village too much for the buyers at One Ten 3rd to handle? Did the "One Ten Third World" comment spring the developers into action? Either way, this earth-shattering development just came in: "The lower floor windows are getting frosted film applied to the outside of the glass 1/2 way up from the floor. Must have responded to 110 3rd world posting. I was there on 3rd this morning there are crews on 'window washing' like scaffolding with squeegees and the first floor is done." Whoa! We dispatched a correspondent to the scene, and there is definitely something going on with the south-facing side of the building. Was this an original design element? We don't think so. BLUE's developers probably would have sued for infringement. [CurbedWire Inbox]

The east-facing side, where tenants are utilizing whatever materials they can to get a little privacy and shade.
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