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Look Out Below: 74 'Falling Debris' Boo Boos This Year

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That steel bucket that fell 53 stories from the Bank of America tower on Wednesday? It was the 74th time this year that something feel from a construction site, according to today's Times, which asked the Department of Buildings. The numbers go like this: there are 175 high-rise projects in the city. The good news is that at this point last year, there were 79 cases of crap falling from the sky, so we're five behind last year's pace. In all of last year, there were 101 Look Out Below Moments. As for noteworthy incidents, a couple of notorious ones are included. There's the three-foot-long pipe that fell from the new Times building on Eighth Avenue, landing on a vehicle containing a family of three. And the 1998 scaffolding collapse at the Condé Nast building in Times Square that sent part of an elevator tower across West 43rd Street. It went through the roof of a hotel and killed someone.
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