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Vegas on the Hudson Vote Delayed, Again

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The community soccer fields and parking garage on Pier 40, jutting into the Hudson just off Houston Street, have been operating under deathwatch for what feels like a century. If you recall, the Hudson River Park Trust fielded proposals for the pier, and it came down to two bids: Related's artsy vision that includes a Cirque du Soleil theater, music venues and restaurants, and The People's Pier group's proposal for more ball fields. The final vote was set for November, but now it's been delayed until at least January. Why? Because a new group, Pier 40 Partnership, is being given two months to put together planning and funding for another new proposal. Yeesh, can we get this crap over with already? The Pier 40 Partnership is made up of a group of wealthy parents who want to keep the pier availa—oh Jesus Christ, jut give us our French Canadian clown sex already!
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