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Ask Curbed: What If I Get Rid of the Oven?

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New York City probably generates more dilemmas about what to do with closet-sized spaces than just about anyplace else. Which is why this query is compelling, even if it veers into home renovation territory:

I bought my small 1 BR apartment on the UES a few years ago and I am contemplating a full kitchen renovation. My kitchen is approximately 6' by 7' (wall to wall, not walking space) so there is not a lot of cabinet space. The stove/oven looks like it's from the Reagan Administration, if not older. In order to maximize cabinet space, I'm considering installing a top of the line microwave/oven that is large enough to bake in, and a built-in gas range. There would be no conventional oven. I would also be replacing my cabinets, counter tops, dishwasher, and fridge. I rarely use the oven, but I know that this proposal would be unconventional. Not that most ovens in an apartment this size could cook a turkey or something like that, but this configuration would not allow for that.

Has anyone seen any small apartments that have done something similar? I'm planning to live here for a few more years, but I'm concerned that there may be an issue finding a buyer when I do attempt to sell the apartment down the road. Is the added space (extra cabinet space from the missing oven + extra counter-top space from not needing a microwave) worth having an unconventional kitchen on the market? Is this a good idea?Is it? Your considered opinions ahead in the Comments section. · Asked Curbed Archive [Curbed]