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CurbedWire: Everybody Loves Yves, Downing St. Palace?

CHELSEA?Our new glassy friend is drawing a lot of attention. One reader sends in the above picture showing the YVES signage, and another offers this amazing piece of intel: "We went to the temporary sales office for Chelsea Yves this past weekend. The floor plans were awkward but the building does have a swimming pool with a sauna. The agent didn't have a lot of answers; and at the time, didn't know how many floors the building was going to be. However, he did say that 50% of the building has been contracted out. We thought it was a bit odd that half of the building has been contracted out but he didn't know how many floors are in the building. Oh well. Oh, and there is one unit that's almost 5000 sq ft that the developer was going to keep for himself. I guess he's not keeping it for himself anymore?" Totally bizarre, and that's without even mentioning the the swimmers. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE?"Regarding the blurb about the Downing Street lot you ran, I got a piece of news in the BDBA (Bedford Downing Block Association) newsletter the other day: 'Since the last block association meeting in June, the vacant lot behind 10 Downing Street changed hands again (for $10.5 million) and an application has been filed at the Department of Buildings to build a 6,000 square foot, single family dwelling on the site.' Man, this I gotta see." Developing. [CurbedWire Inbox]