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On the Racked: Tribeca Whole Foods Coming, UWS 'Chainstore Wasteland,' Steve Madden Does the LES

And now, the latest from Racked, covering retail and shopping from the sidewalks up.

[Photo of the Whole Foods Tribeca site, taken in 2006, from A Test Of Will]

1) Tribeca: Racked looks into the case of the future Tribeca Whole Foods and finds that "the Grocercy Store the press forgot" is on track to open next year. It will be at 101 Warren Street and, at 69,000 square feet, will be the second-biggest Whole Foods in NYC. (The Bowery store clocks in the largest with 71,000 squre feet.) Reportedly there will be many "bells and whistles" at the Tribeca newcomer.

2) Upper West Side: Will the Upper West Side become "a chainstore wasteland"? It could: "While changes on the Bowery and on Bleecker Street make news, there's also a lot of turnover quietly happening" on the Upper West Side in what used to be a pretty staid neighborhood." More banks. More Starbucks. Etc.

3) Lower East Side: Speaking of neighborhood upheaval, there's a new Steve Madden store at Ludlow and Rivington Streets, and it appears to exceed fears about the fate of the location.

4) West Village: In a similar vein, Tommy Hilfiger's first womenswear-only store is officially open at 375 Bleecker Street in the West Village. The store's them is said to be that of "a jewelry box." Should one feel the needs, there's also a 450-square-foot garden space in the back for "manicures and champagne."