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Adventures in Real Estate Marketing: Shvo Wants Your View

The Related Companies developed and built the 23-story building at 225 Rector Place in Battery Park City in 1986, dubbing it Parc Place and shooting for the high-end renter. Now the building is undergoing a condo conversion, and Michael Shvo & Team are marketing the building as Rector Square. Since this is an old dog, it obviously needed some new tricks to draw some attention, and Shvo is doing just that by shooting for some of that interactivity we keep hearing about. One of the major selling points is the building's views of the Hudson River and Battery Park, so the website has a niftly little "upload your crappy view!" element where others can vote on how tragic your current living situation is. Right now the gallery seems to be made up of stock images, but the potential for chicanery is there, people, and we suggest you jump on it.
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