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Harlem vs. Park Slope: 'Best Street' vs. 'Best Neighborhood'

This was going to be about how everyone should brace for Park Slope ego because it's been chosen one of the country's "Ten Best Neighborhoods." Then, we noticed that 125th Street in Harlem was picked as one of the nation's "Great Streets." The entity behind the best-ing is the American Planning Association. According to today's Daily News, 125th Street got the nod "for bringing in 'globalized' retailers, such as Old Navy and Starbucks, without driving out mom-and-pop businesses." Meanwhile, Park Slope was picked for being a "leafy, brownstone-lined neighborhood" with "picturesque streets" and "community involvement." The real questions are, how much does this jack up rent on 125th Street and do Park Slope go up more? Also, which neighborhood will do the more obnoxious boasting? Our money's on the Slope.
· Park Slope named one of the ten best neighborhoods in the country [NYDN]
· 125th Street named one of the nation's greatest thoroughfares [NYDN]