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Renzo Piano Will Light Up Our Lives

Now that the staff of The New York Times has settled in at their flashy new headquarters overlooking Times Square, the architectural tricksters at Renzo Piano Building Workshop are about to show us some real magic. Guided by the lighting wizards at the Office for Visual Interaction, crews are busy installing lighting instruments that will make all 52 floors of this tower glow in the dark. And, some show it should be. Here's how the OVI website describes it:

A series of luminaire’s painted ‘taxi’ yellow mounted in custom mounting configurations ‘animate’ the pedestrian street level and highlight the cross cables of the tower like a vertical bridge.We can't wait. As they say in that part of town: Curtain up! Light the Lights!! Over the summer we've already seen how the sun's rays play off Renzo's rows of ceramic rods. More recently we've enjoyed the effect of some Hollywood-style star wattage on the new home of the old grey lady. And with the imminent demise of one of Times Square's more colorful and beloved signage spectaculars, more light in these parts is exactly what is called for.

OVI's lighting scheme for the exterior of the Times Tower.

Lighting instruments have already been installed way up high at the SW corner.

Many of the exterior fixtures will be painted bright NYC Taxi yellow.

Luminaires lined up and ready to throw some light on the south facade.

The interior garden offers views from the Times Center through the lobby to 8th Avenue.
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