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Development Du Jour: The Waterfalls

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Location: 1138 Ocean Avenue, Ditmas Park
Size: Eight floors, 67 one-three bedroom condos
Prices: $399,000 and up
Architect: Henry Radusky/Bricolage Designs
Lowdown: We've never turned to Ditmas Park for a Development Du Jour, but nouveau Brooklyn blogger Brooklyn Junction pointed us in the direction of this condo on Ocean Avenue. The Wateralls calls itself "truly affordable luxury living in the heart of historic Ditmas Park" and makes its pitch to "the working class" with apartments starting at $400K and the pitch, "You Deserve It." Example: "Hardworking New Yorkers deserve the chance to own their own home but many have found the recent slate of million dollar houses to be beyond their financial reach." Interestingly, the glassy building , which is going up in area of old brick apartment buildings is designed by an architect normally known for doing buildings that are heavy on brick. As for amenities, the Waterfalls has--surprise!--a waterfall in the lobby, private basketball court and playground, party lounge, fitness center and it "provides the feeling of living in the suburbs." Sorry, the "working class" doesn't get the chance to buy a cabana to go with the $400K 1BRs.
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