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Evolution of 11 Times Square: From AIM to Tame?

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The speculative (that's what they call it when there's no tenants) 11 Times Square office tower being built at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue by SJP Properties has gone through various looks since the Milsteins first sold the parking lot that the building is going up on. First was the design at top left, complete with iChat and AIM icons and other odd billboard choices that must have made sense during summer '06. Then the rendering in the middle popped up on Wired New York, and it revealed a more glassy 40-story tower with some added flare at the top. And now, broker Nigel Shamash at NSNYRE sent us the most recent rendering, currently making the rounds in the building's offering sheet. It looks, perhaps, slightly more monolithic? Ground broke on the project in June, but there's still no word on prospective tenants. The ground-floor retail spaces will house 47 banks, give or take.
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