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Battery Maritime Building Renovation Revealed

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Ho. Ly. Crap. Behold, the Economic Development Corporation's vision for the $110 million makeover of the painstakingly restored Battery Maritime Building! While the details of the plan have not been a secret?gourmet food market, 135-room boutique hotel and a rooftop restaurant with a view to kill for?the future look of the landmark has been kept under wraps until now. A special Curbed tipster spotted this poster-size rendering at the Landmark Preservation Commission's public review, and she somehow managed to snap a shot of it before her brain exploded. She writes: "After all that great restoration work EDC is proposing a 'rooftop addition' to the Battery Maritime Building. It's about 5 stories (full-width) of glass for a hotel." As for if this extension will actually get built, that's up to the LPC to decide. The building is on the commission's docket for tomorrow morning's public hearing. Developing!
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Battery Maritime Building

11 South Street, New York, NY