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Rats Out, Bulldozers In at 360 Smith?

It's been relatively quiet at the controversial Carroll Gardens development site formerly known as architect Robert Scarano's Heavy Building Building before it was toned down to Easy Listening. (When last seen, the plans were back on the drafting table getting tweak and the developer wasn't allowing photos.) Yet, if the sudden debut of a major rat extermination campaign is any indication, it would appear that things are on the verge of getting busy at 360 Smith. Local blogger Pardon Me for Asking reports:

black rat bait boxes every ten feet along the perimeter of the lot. Baiting is always done shortly before a site is excavated. By digging, many rat tunnels will be disturbed, and the critters are going to emerge a bit all over the surrounding area.More to report when (a). there's a new rendering or (b). the rat fest starts.
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