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Plumbers & Sculptors Team Up on Gowanus Rezoning

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Some of the artists have joined the plumbers, among others, in trying to have a say in how the toxic parcels around the Gowanus Canal are rezoned for development. Metro notes that artists are joining with affordable housing advocates, labor leaders and "industrial retention" groups in a still quite vague entity called Gowanus Summit. The group, however, is meeting with City Planning officials today to talk about a "five-point" agenda that pushes preservation of industry and artists space and affordable housing in return for taller buildings. Building heights up to 10-12 stories are possible in Gowanus. In plain English, it means that both plumbers and sculptors are up for backing big structures if they can get space in them. The Toll Brothers, one of the parties with a strong interest in Gowanus rezoning, has apparently moved tenants in one building on its property to six-month leases, just in case.
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