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Oops: Sheepshead Bay Condo Was Missing Foundation

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Over the weekend, the Times ran a story about a Sheepshead Bay condo project that was allowed to go forward because 18 Department of Buildings inspections failed to detect a major problem that meant the building shouldn't be built: it's foundation wasn't finished in time for a zoning change and still isn't. The story is about a six-story condo development called Homecrest going up in a neighborhood of two-story homes. After intense pressure from residents about "an obvious construction flaw unremarked upon by building inspectors on 18 site visits" the "red-faced" DOB noticed the problem residents have been shouting about. The Homecrest is one of those projects that developers rush to get a foundation done on in order to beat a zoning change. In this case, they didn't. The Times notes that "rarely has the department so repeatedly rebuffed complaints about a project that it now admits it should never have approved." The resident who led the effort to stop the building wonders, "Were these mistakes of a technical or an ethical nature?” And DOB's spokesperson says, "mistakes can still happen.”
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