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Sudden Impact: Movement at Penn Station?

The release of an environmental impact document isn't really a big step in a project as huge as the Farley Post Office refurb/MSG move/Penn Station re-do, but since we're dealing with the grueling machinations of New York City politics, it's kinda-sorta a big deal. The Sun reports that the state will finally release its highly-anticipated draft scope for an environmental impact statement today, which?aside from being the hottest read this side of a Penthouse Forum page?represents Team Spitzer's first public display of progress on the midtown-altering commercial real estate bonanza. The document should deal with the 4.5 million square feet of development rights that are spreading to the surrounding neighborhood in the wake of the canceling of two skyscrapers planned for the current MSG site. This is good news, because frankly, that whole "sprinkling" thing wasn't really cutting it for us.
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