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Penn Station Update: Towers, Light

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The Sun's Eliot Brown files a midday report on the state's new plans for the Moynihan Station/Farley Post Office cluster eff, which by our count is on its fifth major revision in two years. There's some hot development morsels, including the beginnings of a plan for all those millions of square feet of development rights that Vornado now gets to sprinkle around. Here's some of what's on the table:

1) Two new skyscrapers of 1 million and 2 million square feet built on both sides of the 57-story One Penn Plaza.
2) Vornado transfers the unused MSG development rights to its own sites nearby, and then sells the remaining rights or buys more property in the area that could assume the rights.
3) The original Penn Station gets renamed Moynihan East, and adds a sky-lit train hall to allow?brace yourself?natural light in. Hey, just like big bro!
4) This plan actually moves forward in a timely fashion?perhaps the least likely of all the proposals.
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