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On the Racked: Midtown Boredom Less Crushing, Flight 001 Lands in Slope, CBGB to Return as Men's Boutique, More

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering retail and shopping from the sidewalks up.

1) Midtown: For a few short minutes today, Midtown was less "crushingly boring" thanks to what appears to be some kind of guerrilla marketing effort. Per the Racked tipster that sent photos, "they passed by my office window at 42nd/5th at 10am. They spelled GOOD MORNING NEW YORK walking in a line."

2) Park Slope: Racked reports that Smith Street luggage and travel shop Flight 001 is adding "increasingly fancy" Fifth Avenue as a location.The store's co-founder says the products are intended to make the unique hell of, say, airline travel "enjoyable."

3) Noho: All one can say is, thank God Hilly Kristal didn't have to live to see this. A few days ago, Racked brought the scary photos of the stripped interior of the legendary CBGB. Now, the circle is complete with info that men's designer John Varvatos has taken the space. Well, at least the "space available" sign can come down now.

4) Soho: Rejoice. Racked has pics of the interior of the new CB2 as it races to makes a November 6 opening on Broadway. Of course, this means streamlined sofas, minimalistic beds and gift certificates for everybody just in time for the holidays.