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Williamsburg Mystery: Arson, Art Project or Insanity?

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Perhaps you recall yesterday's burned out car on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg. It was followed by a CurbedWire report of a second toasted car. Then, we got an email with a night shot of a burned car flipped on its roof that said, "Is it art?" Heh, we thought, Williamsburg has changed so much that people think a burned out car is an art project instead of the traditional Brooklyn torched car. Then came an email today with another photo that says, "Looks like someone moved it a block north next to Diner, on Berry btw S. 5th and Broadway..." Careful analysis shows it is the same crispy Honda. Only it has been flipped on its roof and moved a block. So, is it an art project or someone that decided to turn arson into art? Where will it go next and will the city pick it up or ticket it?

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