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Brooklyn MuniMall & 'Skyscraper District'?

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First, there was the Jail with Retail. Now, there's the Municipal Building Mall and Skyscraper Historic District. The Daily News reports that the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership is proposing turning the first two floors of the Municipal Building on Joralemon Street in downtown Brooklyn into 22,000 square feet of retail space. Meanwhile, the Municipal Art Society and the Brooklyn Heights Association have a proposal for a new landmarked historic district in downtown Brooklyn called the Borough Hall Skyscraper District. It would include 28 downtown buildings, along with the Municipal Building. A quick survey by the News found a lack of enthusiasm, at least for the MuniMall with "most declaring their distaste for the borough’s rapid influx of luxury condos and high-end retailers." Unfortunately, the City Clerk's Office would be displaced by a MuniMall, quickly killing the dream of a city wedding upstairs and wedding gift shopping on the first floor. The Jail with Retail would be close by, however.
· Brooklyn Municipal Building to convert two floors into shops [NYDN]
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