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MTA to Western Trailblazers: Neener Neener

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According to the MTA's project goals for the No. 7 train extension, the work will "ensure the future growth of the City through redevelopment of the Hudson Yards." Indeed, the stop at 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue will reduce the third worldiness of the Yards someday, but a second planned stop farther north was supposed to benefit the settlers of Far West 42nd Street, and now those pioneers appear to be screwed. The MTA has backed out of putting up the money for the construction of the shell for the 42nd Street stop. The city will sink $2 billion into the project, and this was the one teensy little thing the MTA had to do, but they won't pony up the cash because that other development-friendly transit project, the Second Avenue Subway, is costing a pretty penny. Mayor Bloomberg will try to get the state to supply the additional $450 million needed for the stop, but he should probably just pass a hat around the celeb-friendly Atelier to get this deal done.
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