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CurbedWire: Baby Ruth Disappears, CabanaGate Scandal Widens, Giant Statue Joins Basquiat at Gramercy Park Hotel

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LOWER EAST SIDE?Last week, we posted about the Baby Ruth sign that had been uncovered when the Duane Reade building on Delancey and Ludlow Streets came down. The tipster that sent the photos predicted the sign would disappear "within the next week or two." One week turned out to be the right estimate. As the follow-up photo shows, Baby Ruth is gone again. See you when 98 Delancy is demolished someday, Baby. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE?The simmering CabanaGate scandal at 154 Attorney Street that we updated yesterday continues to give off steam as it bubbles. A reader emails to say: "I'm personally an owner of one of the cabana units. They're really not "cabanas," just fenced off pieces off roof space. Here's another interesting tidbit for you – the fence is not even anchored to the roof; it's simply screwed into the pavers! If you lean too hard on them, some poor drunk fool is going to have a nice fall. The reason it was done this way was because the developer was undecided until the very last minute whether they were going to build them or not. After threatening to back out of the lease after they said they weren't going to build the cabanas (which were a big part of their marketing of the building) they finally agreed to do them, but only after the building passed inspection–the true reason they didn't anchor to the roof: they didn't want to f-up their potential to pass." The crazy allegations continue to fly. [CurbedWire Inbox]

GRAMERCY?Finally, we go to the Gramercy Park Hotel, where at least one resident is sprucing up his/her digs with what is likely some very interesting art. A tipster with camera reports: "A giant crane delivered a giant marble statue to the home of one of Gramercy Park Hotel's rich and famous. Through the open window, I could see an original 'Basquiat' already hanging on the wall." So, what kind of sculpture would go nicely with a Basquiat in the living room? [CurbedWire Inbox]

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