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Scarano and Fischer Finger Friends Update

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A reader email lamenting the height of the two buildings at Humboldt and Richardson Streets east of the BQE in Williamsburg reminded us that we hadn't checked on progress in a while. We can report that both the Karl Fischer Finger (aka the Finger of Humboldt) and the Scarano Finger (aka the Finger of Richardson) are both doing very, very nicely. Mr. Fischer's Finger, which is at 480 Humboldt, is a 12-story building with 20 apartments. Mr. Scarano's Finger, which is at 214 Richardson, is the somewhat more diminutive of the two, clocking in at ten floors one apartment per floor. Our emailer wonders about "the pitter patter of little construction workers in the vacant lot between them (possible connected to 480 Humboldt)" and whether it means the neighborhood is about to get a third finger, but no permits appear to have been issued.
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