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The Catch: Discounted West Village Townhouse

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What/Where: Your own private floor (1BR, 1BA) inside a four-floor Cornelia Street townhouse in the West Village.
Looks Good, Right?: We think? There's kind of a lot to process here. Basically, you have your own private space on the third floor of a West Village townhouse for $2,500/month. You share the home with the owner, who lives on the fourth floor. All the other floors (kitchen, living room, etc.) and the roof deck are common space. So if you're not opposed to shared space, you can have some prime real estate in a prized West Village townhouse. Not bad.
The Catch: The owner is most likely insane. The epic Craigslist ad has to be read to be believed, but the cosmetic surgeon/housemate offers rent discounts for any botox and "eye jewelry implant" referrals (which we had to look up. Yikes!) you send his way, as well as for PR mentions of his business. Oh, and if you're interested, there's some criteria you have to meet. You have to be 26-39, make more than $100k, keep "normal sleeping hours," not watch TV when your housemate is home, be a dog lover (but not own a dog), work 9-6, provide six references and "understand what the important things are, and that there are only a few important ones." And then some other things. Home sweet home!
· Listing: $2500 / 1br - full floor of private [CL]