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Development Update-o-Rama: A Building! Crescent Club! More!

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1) A Building: This slow-moving Upper East Village luxury condo development is perhaps the building we receive the most "what's up with that?" emails about. As you can see, the 13th Street side has seen lots of exterior progress since we last checked in, although we're still waiting for the touch of color promised in the building's renderings. The estimated completion date was May 2007 (oops!), but when you see our after-the-jump photo of the rear, 14th Street-touching building (the two are attached by a courtyard), you'll realize that May 2008 may be a stretch.

2) Crescent Club: Long Island City's hot dose of architect Karl Fischer has seen some big changes since we had a look at that putting green. The full website is now up, and it features what is certainly the greatest soundtrack of any new development website this year, and possibly ever. The song must have subliminal messages embedded in it, because 24 of the 36 released units are already in contract, per StreetEasy. Who knew LIC had so many golf fans?

3) The Langston: It turned out that the "affordable luxury" of this Bradhurst Avenue development in Harlem wasn't so luxurious after all, as one buyer let us know in July. That same resident sent us an update, saying that many of the construction issues have been fixed following the public spanking. However, problems persist, and our disgruntled Harlemite has started up the 68 Bradhurst blog to chronicle them in painstaking detail. Very juicy.

4) Sevenberry: Williamsburg's fresh fruit, metaphorically speaking, has just hit the market, also per StreetEasy. Seven units so far, at a $787/sf average. Right now they range from a 1,078sf two-bedroom apartment for $790,000 to a 1,518sf three-bedroom pad for $1.4 million. Very very juicy.

Now, back to the A Building:

The rear building, as seen from 14th Street.

The ground level of the 13th Street building.