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East River Esplanade Plan for Couch Potatoes?

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The first new images in two years of an old obsession, the East River Esplanade were shown at a Manhattan community meeting this week. Some things, apparently, went over well. Some, not so much. As for the okay part, there were some images of a segment south of South Street Seaport that "included illuminated girders on the FDR Drive and an LED in the waterfront railing to cast 'a soft glow onto the water.' Metro reports that this part "seemed to be a crowd pleaser." The plans for Pier 15, which is designated for maritime eduction, however, seem to have been less crowd pleasing. Representative from maritime groups complained there's no place to dock ships. The co-chair of the group Seaport Speaks said the design is "creating an area of astounding passivity" and that "it's a couch potato area." The plans, of course are from SHoP Architects. We await full-sized renderings in all their spud glory.
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