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Moynihan Station Draft Scope is Fun for the Whole Family!

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Now that's a catchy name! Above is the title given to the fun 93-page document outlining the Empire State Development Corporation's plan for Penn and Moynihan Stations, now available on the ESDC's website after being released yesterday. The project is now in the public review/comment process in advance of a "public scoping session" on December 6, but we couldn't find a virtual comment box to toss our two cents into. We just wanted to suggest a name change, maybe to "Let's Hasten the Replacin' of Penn Station" or "Moy Vey!"?you know, something with a little spunk. The masochists in the crowd are welcome to download the document and chirp in with any interesting revelations, if they can somehow stay awake.
· Expanded Moynihan/Penn Station Redevelopment Project Draft Scope [ESDC; PDF]
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