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Silver Rush in Midtown's Wild West

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Developer Larry Silverstein sure is a swell guy. A bowling alley is opening in the ground floor of his 1 River Place rental tower on a still-barren stretch of Far West 42nd Street, so he's doing the bowling company a solid by infusing the neighborhood with thousands of new customers. The Post's Lois Weiss has the big reveal today of Silverstein's?ego alert!?Silver Towers at River Place, twin 60-story towers being constructed at 600 West 42nd Street, near Eleventh Avenue. The rental complex will boast 1,359 units in all, with all of those amenities that could get someone to actually consider moving to 42nd Street and Eleventh Avenue: gym, pool, spa, parking garage, etc. The architect is Costas Kondylis & Partners, a given for any huge project in Manhattan right now. A 20,000-square-foot park with an "interactive mist fountain" will accompany the twin towers, as will some much-needed retail. The subway station is a whole separate headache. The Kondylis website has some more images of "River Place II," and you can see them...

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