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LIC Lightning Rod Arris Lofts Now Renting

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As it turns out, an elephant in the shower do not a sell-out make. It would appear that the Arris Lofts, the 237-unit condo conversion of the old Eagle Electric building in Long Island City, is looking to clear out some unsold inventory. An email making the rounds from Corcoran broker Seymour Miles advertises an open house at the Thomson Avenue building this weekend for 16 rental units, priced from $2,600-$4,500. Last time we checked in with Arris?perhaps the most debated building in Curbed history?the amenities were "coming along," oblivious to the no-good renters who will one day soil them. One important question still needs to be asked: given the situation near the building, can the units be rented by the hour?

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