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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Or Lack Thereof

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Apparently the Curbed Nation was stumped, because there were no takers on this week's Rumblings & Bumblings. In fact, all that turned up was some kvetching. Better luck next week, we hope.

1) Upper West Side: "I hope that the 'developers' of the POS on 72nd and B'Way damaged the dumpy buildings to the south and not the beautiful brownstones to the west. These filthy schmucks should have never been allowed to raze the beautiful building that was there." Saucy! Said another commenter: "I am glad the building was knocked down. It was probably the easiest way to get rid of OTB. You could get lung cancer just by walking infront of that old building. Good ridence. Who wants desperate gamblers anfd junkies in their neighberhood." OK!

3) Soho: "I hope that the horrible God's Love building (right)is razed and that the site is incorporated into the new building that Extell is developing. It is a mundane eyesore." Might that be the first time "God's love" and "horrible" have appeared in the same sentence?
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