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McCarren Pool Hipster Glitch: Pool-Aid Domain Captured

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Remember Pool-Aid, the group working on McCarren Pool issues? There's a reason we're not linking to them directly: A Pool-Aid email is circulating noting that they lost their domain and that the buyer wants to sell it back to them. The email says, in part:

due to some technical snafus over the last couple of months, we lost the ownership of the domain Just today I was finally able to get in touch with the new, current owner, but being a good capitalist that he is, he wants an offer of over $200 for us to regain ownership of the domain...The guy said he has rejected offers of $200 so we want to go back to him with more than $200...The good news is that a domain name search reveals many alternate possibilities including,,, and, our favorites, and So, all is not lost in case the dude wants way more than $200.
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