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Gehry's Secret Building Will Be Rentals; Still Secret

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We tend to overlook Q&A's with Forest City Ratner executives published in the Wall Street Journal, so shame on us for not noticing Ratner COO Joanne Minieri's interview yesterday, in which she casually let slip that Frank Gehry's 75-story mixed-use Beekman Tower planned near City Hall is going rental for the residential parts. This is a change from the initial condo announcement, and the new plan calls for 900 units sitting on top of the K-8 school at the bottom of the building, known officially as 8 Spruce Street. CityRealty followed up and confirmed the change. Minieri also said there is no final design yet, something we don't believe for a second given the level of work at the site, and the excitement for the building in general. To call this project anticipated, as CityRealty does, is a drastic understatement. The Wired New York thread on the topic is currently at 100 pages, and there's even a poll to guess when the final design will be released. We'll just continue twiddling our thumbs and staring at the design concepts until Lord Frank decides we're ready.
· All apartments at 8 Spruce Street will be rentals [CityRealty]
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8 Spruce Street

8 Spruce Street, New York, NY 10038