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West Village Gears Up for Perry Street Hotel Fight

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The hotel planned for 703-711 Washington Street, at the corner of Perry Street, has gone from rumor to reality to neighborhood nuisance in record time. Concerned neighbors have set up camp on the Interweb at the bluntly titled No To A Big Hotel On Perry, where the above scary graphic comes from. We're told:

Me and some people in my co-op are trying to get the developer to scale down this big-ass hotel they want to put up next door to us on Perry/Washington Streets. Our main thing is use, but for now we are focusing on the size and design, which we saw at the community board meeting. Another concrete box covered in glass with no sense of the buildings in the historic district where the site is. And worst of all (for us), it would crowd out the historic courtyard the 5-building co-op uses.

This one looks like it may get nasty, but then again, there's some hope. Reportedly, developer Charles Blaichman may end up taking the building residential instead of hotel, a situation the neighbors would prefer. They "could even become advocates for it depending on the overall size, courtyard issues aside." The two sides will meet in the coming weeks to talk it out, but if the building does go residential, there's no word on whether the blog will switch names to Yes To A Big Condo On Perry. Meanwhile, the LPC will have to have its say on all this, eventually.
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