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Heady Times To Be in the Platform Business?

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Someday, someone will look back on the early 21st Century and declare it a Golden Age to have been in the platform-building business in New York City. The current Real Deal has a look at all the projects that will/could go up on decks built over rail yards and highways in coming years. Hudson Yards and the Atlantic Yards project are the most well known of the platform projects, but there's also a possible decking over of Sunnyside Rail Yards in Queens, of rail yards in St. George on Staten Island and plans to cover up the BQE trench between Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Red Hook and build housing on it. The Sunnyside Yards deck-over would allow for 30,000 units of housing. Just don't expect the concrete trucks to show up tomorrow: the Sunnyside Yards project has been talked about for 70 years.
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