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Red Hook & Gowanus Getting F'd

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Does closing a major subway station for a year put a dent in real estate prices? Check out Red Hook and Gowanus, because there's a plan to shut down the Smith-9th Street station for a year (give or take, mostly the former). And all this time, we thought the issue was creating an F Train Express. Someday. But in the meantime, the real F Bomb is dropped via a story in today's Metro that reports the cruddy Smith-9th stop (the highest above-ground station in the entire system) will be closed while work is done to keep the Culver Viaduct over Gowanus from falling down or dropping blocks of concrete on people. Right now it looks like 2010 will turn out to be the Golden Year in the two neighborhoods. Adding an extra element of neighborhood excitement, they forgot to tell anyone about the station closing plan until it was announced in the press. The bright side? The G Train will be extended to Park Slope and Kensington sooner than planned.
· Woe for F Train riders [Metro]