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Burg's Edge Will Make You Forget About All That Icky Oil

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As the Sun reports, the "green" luxury building trend has reached epidemic status, with eco-friendly construction up 263% over the past three years. But it's not only rich Manhattanites who want to save the world. The Post today runs down a crop of new Brooklyn developments that are out to do some good, and make a buck in the process?buildings like Williamsburg's big dance party, Greenbelt, and waterfront megacondo The Edge. But speaking of Williamsburg, is it weird to market something as eco-friendly when the whole area is sitting on top of an ecological disaster big enough to warrant an Erin Brockovich appearance? Not to the folks behind The Edge.

"It's funny, Williamsburg doesn't have the best publicity concerning the environment - there was that oil spill in Greenpoint," says Elan Padeh, CEO of The Developers Group, which is marketing The Edge. "But part of what this building will do is change that image."And how will The Edge change the image of Toxic Brooklyn? What? Huh? Oh, sorry, we got a little distracted. Curse you, Edge!
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The Edge

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