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Astroland Granted One-Year Stay of Execution

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That big "Goodbye Astroland" party on September 9? It turned out to be unnecessary (until next year). The big news out of Coney Island late yesterday was that Thor Equities developer Joe Sitt and Astroland owner Carol Hill Albert have signed a one-year agreement to extend the amusement park's life through the 2008 season. (Agreements have already been reached to grant new one-year leases to most boardwalk business on Thor property.) The terms weren't made public and it's not known whether the deal is related to any agreement between the city and the developer on the pending Coney Island zoning recommendations. Mr. Sitt wants to build "condo hotels" in the amusement area, and the city has been saying no in a battle that's flared up publicly from time to time to time. For now, though, Thor's pulled out the velvet hammer and all those Astroland obituaries will have to pulled off the hard drive for rewrites next fall.
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