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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Bye Bye Public Housing, Hello Luxe Condos? (91 Comments)
"In the early 1990's many SROs on the Upper West Side, especially above 96th street, were moved to Queens. This was done with the support of the famously liberal Upper West Siders. I don't see much problem in moving out the poor from Manhattan."
2) Here Come the Bonus Bounce Stories (51 Comments)
"Last I heard, a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking does not buy Manhattan real estate."
3) In Which We Defend Bianca Jagger (42 Comments)
"If you're going to have rent stabilization (and that's a whole different story), then there's nothing inherently wrong with rich people having rent stabilized apartments, as long as they comply with the rules."
4) Shocker: Manhattan Rents Cooling? (39 Comments)
"If one wants a real bargain, they might hold out for a few extra winter months to see where the market goes. There will be increased demand in the spring/summer again but rents will not stay at premium prices, and they may drop up to double-digit percentages (though most likely 7-8% drops will be the outcome)."