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Boat-Free, Yoga Visions for East River Waterfront

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Having looked at the wild visions for Hudson Square earlier and at the mindfucking one for the Battery Maritime Building as well, we now move on to the SHoP vision for Pier 15 and environs. New renderings were shown earlier this week and greeted with the Manhattan waterfront equivalent of Bronx Cheers. Downtown Express has more renderings as well as more detail on Pier 15, which is a maritime education facility whose current iteration doesn't allow for boats. Go figure. These are "schematic" designs, though, and the "design development phase" will include "more technical details" and, possibly, boats at Pier 15. In the meantime, they're hoping for a 2008 start to construction using $150 million the project got from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. We think that means the "technical details" need to be ironed out fast. The good news is that the "schematic" makes it look like a great spot for yoga.

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[Renderings courtesy of SHoP Architects via Downtown Express]

Pier 15

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