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Red Hook & Gowanus Contemplate Getting F'd

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The surprise announcement that Red Hook and Gowanus are losing the Smith-9th Street station for (at least) a year has not been greeted with total happiness. The Daily News found residents saying things like "it's going to be chaos" and that they're "angry." (There will be shuttle bus service "to a nearby subway station" when the station gets shut down for repairs around 2010.) Some residents say that given the fact that the Smith-9th Station is a crap hole in the sky where subway rats go to get fresh air, they understand: "Every other week, the escalator is broken; people fall down the stairs, the paint is peeling, there are leaks." Or as one Curbed commenter put it, "By the time you walked up all filthy stairs, past the inevitably broken escalators, and through the pigeons and pigeon crap, you might as well just walk over to Carroll Street stop."
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