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In Chelsea, 'Condoschmerz' is Setting In

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Jeremiah's Vanishing New York has coined an awesome new term: Condoschmerz. Condoschmerz! It just rolls of the tongue. He explains:

Literally "condo pain" or "condo weariness." Inspired by the German Weltschmerz. Describes the psychological pain and existential hopelessness experienced when one's city is overcome by rapid, ubiquitous, luxury condo development. Often accompanied by disorientation due to a suddenly changing, once-familiar landscape. Before depression sets in, can initially lead to a sense of powerless rage which may inspire those suffering from Condoschmerz to perform acts of vandalism.And as an example of Condoschmerz in action, he directs us to the condo development at 18th and Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, the same building where Jeremiah has chronicled the developers' struggles against a group of rowdy teens. Check out that sign on the door. Can't you just feel the condo pain?
· Condoschmerz [Jeremiah's Vanishing New York]