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Two Trees Says 110 Livingston is Sold Out

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And to think, it all started with this summary of a June 2006 Times story about the conversion of the old Board of Ed building on Livingston Street in downtownish Brooklyn. Who knew what sort of journey 110 Livingston would eventually take us on, especially when that original story claimed that 1,800 people were on the waiting list before the building even went on sale. But now, according to the Brooklyn Eagle, the 300-unit condo development is completely sold out. There are some follow-up questions of course, like why Two Trees says the building sold out in 11 months when it appears to us that it was more like 15 (maybe they're timing it from the first official closing?). Also, did buyers suddenly swoop in to purchase those unsold units that were being rented out by Two Trees just a couple of weeks ago? If so, then color us impressed. Congrats, 110 Livingston, it's been a good ride. We look forward to all the emails we'll be receiving from future tenants (and yes, there will be emails).
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110 Livingston

110 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201