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BREAKING CurbedWire: Fire Trucks at the Plaza

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We don't know exactly what is going on at the Plaza, except that emails and photos have come into the inbox noting fire trucks on the scene. One reader notes, "Some major to do going on at the Plaza. Passed by and there are fire trucks galore. There are more going by my window right now making a huge amount of noise." Another writes, "Hey all, just looking out my window at a ton of fire trucks at the Plaza.." It is unclear if it's a false alarm, construction accident or, well, a fire. Developing.

UPDATE, 9:45AM: 1010 Wins is reporting that there was a fire on the first floor of a building next door. It's been put out and no one was hurt. None of the $30,000 per month suites were in danger, but you can see why we were concerned.