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It's Official: Walentas is Too Big

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Remember the building that the Walentases want to put up next to the one they're renovating for Trade Joe's at Atlantic Avenue and Court Street? It's been trimmed. A City Council subcommittee voted against allowing a 60-foot-tall building in the Cobble Hill Historic District, where the height limit is 50 feet. Preservationists saw an exception to the rule as a Trojan Horse that would have flung the doors open to all manner of end runs around historic district rules. Two Trees has maintained it needed the extra size to generate money to preserve the landmark Independence Savings Bank building where Trader Joe's is going. Two Trees now has to go back to the Department of City Planning and the Landmarks Commission with a new plan, presumably minus the offending ten feet. Jed Walentas told the Brooklyn Paper that his mother once told him not to say anything at all if he had nothing nice to say and said nothing about the decision.
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