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Hey Battery Maritime Bldg: LPC is Just Not That Into You

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It was too good to be true. The proposed hotel addition to the landmark Battery Maritime Building?a glassy mindfuck first revealed in this space on Monday?has been sent back to the drawing board by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Downtown Express reports. The LPC didn't vote on the Rogers Marvel Architects proposal, instead asking for more elements of the building's original architecture to be incorporated into the design. Developer Peter Poulakakos shrugged it off like it was no big deal, saying, "No one expected this thing to be approved off the bat. We have an aggressive timeline; hopefully, we can have this project complete by 2010.” This is perhaps a very cunning strategy on Poulakakos' part: propose something that's 10,000 types of crazy, then your real proposal?which is perhaps only 5,000 types of crazy?will sail through undetected.
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Battery Maritime Building

11 South Street, New York, NY