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Putting the Roosevelt in Roosevelt Island

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Architect Louis Kahn's FDR memorial on Roosevelt Island, proposed in the '60s, designed in the '70s, worked on in the '80s and abandoned since then due to funding issues, may really be back on track. Again. Every couple of years, the idea to complete the 2.8-acre triangular memorial on the southern tip of the island is revived, and then abandoned again. But in July, Gov. Spitzer wrote a letter of support for the memorial, then the organization in charge received an anonymous $2.5 million donation (mysterious!), and today the Sun reports that some city heavy-hitters are meeting today about rallying support for the project. The only problem: $40 million needs to be raised by the end of the year, and at the end of July only $5.1 million had been collected. Hmm, they probably should have left the tents up and just named them after FDR or something.
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