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Revealed: W Hotel Will Sex Up the FiDi

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It was announced on Friday that the condos in the new W Hotel New York Downtown just south of the World Trade Center would begin selling on November 7, so it's damn well time that Team Shvo got to revealing the goods. The 123 Washington Street website is suddenly full of renderings and details, and all we can say is that the building definitely appears to be optimized for sex. Sex sex sex! What else can you think about after getting a load of the peek-a-boo showers, the roof deck with curtained-off nooks and a media lounge that could double as the champagne room in a strip club. It almost makes the heyday of William Beaver look like the Disney Channel. The floorplans don't hit the website until the sales date, so as of now we'll just have to guesstimate on where to install our sex swing.

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