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Cooper Square Sweepstakes: Free A/C for All!

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There's no doubting that the Cooper Square Hotel and its 73 bars will turn a quaint East Village block into a satellite version of West 27th Street, but hey, it's going to be a very entertaining downward spiral for us curious onlookers. Unfortunately, the neighbors are less than enthused about having an outdoor party deck just 30 inches from their windows. Surprise! The Intelligencer has an update on the continuing negotiations between the two sides, and an interesting tidbit is that hotel developer the Peck Moss Group has agreed to install soundproof windows and air conditioners in neighbors' apartments to help curtail the noise, but the tenants' landlord has held up the installation for some dumb reason. Even so, there's a whole other list of concerns that the sides still have to work through before a November 17 liquor-license deadline passes. And given the concessions so far, if the block association doesn't come away with covered electricity costs for two years and a lifetime 30% room discount, they should really hire a new lawyer.
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